bullet We thank Marina Ribar for the beautiful clock provided for our school in Magogo, Tanzania :) and for talking about the school on 2KTV. You can view it here:)


bullet On October 21, 2012 the Parish of St. Leopold Mandić was visited by a missionary, who has a big heart and soul, Maja. Maja told us about her stay in Africa, in the country of Tanzania. She shared with us very joyous news, namely, that they have built a school for the children. In that school children receive one meal a day and they are very happy with it. They do not ask for more after they eat their cup of porridge because they know that there are more children like them who can not afford even this one meal per day. The young parishioners were good hosts to Maja, singing songs and praying, and in particular with the song Look through Your Heart, which brought tears to Maja’s eyes. We are happy that we took photos with Maja and that she will bring us more warm regards from Africa, and take our regards to those in Africa. The students of the Classical Catholic Gymnasium handed in to Maja an envelope with a gift for the missions. Maja sends her regards with a smile :)

         Samanta Markanjević, 3.b

See the letters (to the Charity NGO 'Gledati srcem') of the missionary Maja Sansović from Africa:

bullet   10. january 2011.
bullet   20. january 2011.
bullet   27. january 2011.
bullet   2. july 2012.
bullet   29. july 2012.
bullet   22. august 2012.
bullet   4. september 2012.
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Let’s Learn Swahili :)

Kesh – Tomorrow
Lala salama – Sleep well
Hamna matatizio – No problem
Ndiyo – Yes
Hapana – No
Unapenda Africa? – Do you like Africa?
Haraka haraka haina baraka – Speed is not a blessing
Pole pole – Easy does it
Chakula – Food
Maji – Water
Kuku – Chicken meat
Chai – Tea
Kahawa – Coffee
Maziwa – Milk
Nyama – Meat
Mayai – Eggs
Pole – I am sorry
Pole sana – I am very sorry
Pole na safari – I am sorry that you are leaving
Mama – Mama
Baba – Papa
Dada – Sister
Kaka – Brother
Bibi – Grandma
Babu – Grandpa
Mungu akubariki – God bless you
Gari – Car
Pikipiki – Motorcycle
Daktari – Doctor
Nina njaa – I am hungry
Mimi – I
Wewe – You
Sawa sawa – OK
Duka – Shop
Simu – Telephone

"Prayer begets faith, faith begets love, and love begets service on behalf of the poor"

Mother Teresa