Donations may be paid into the gyro account of the Charity NGO ''Gledati srcem'' with Raiffeisen Bank.

bullet   RBA GYRO ACCOUNT 2484008-1105624892
bullet   IBAN for payments from abroad 5324840081105624892


Under “purpose of payment” please specify what you wish your donation to be used for:

bullet    Building of the school
bullet    Sponsorship
bullet   Helping the children in Croatia and B&H


Payment reference number (Poziv na broj odobrenja za uplatu) is 2011.
The donations paid through Raiffeisen BANK are free from bank fee, and the purpose of payment should be specified as one of the following: for building of the school in Magogo, Tanzania, for the mission in Tanzania, charity assistance, anti-malaria vaccine, food for children in Tanzania, or a donation.            

Users of American Express may also provide assistance by donating of the collected points as described here: instructions for users of American Express

Users of Diners Cluba may also provide assistance by donating of the collected points as described here: instructions for users of Diners Club

Donations to the NGO "Gledati srcem" are tax deductible up to 2 % of the total revenue made in the previous calendar year. This tax benefit covers legal and physical persons registered in the Taxpayer Register.

Personal Income Tax Act, the Official Gazette No. 144/12, Art. 36 (27):

„Taxpayers may increase the personal income-tax deduction by domestic donations in kind and in financial assistance paid into a gyro account, for cultural, educational, scientific, health, charity, sports and religious purposes, to NGOs and other persons performing those activities in accordance with special regulations, up to 2% of receipts for which the annual tax report was filed in the previous year and for which the annual personal income tax was assessed. By way of an exception, personal income-tax deduction is increased by donations provided above the stipulated level, under the condition that they are provided pursuant to the decisions of competent ministries about the implementation and financing of special programs and activities, but not for the regular activity of the recipient of the donation.”

In case you wish to let us decide on the purpose of the donation, please just write “donation” (in that case the money will be allocated to the most pressing purposes). If you wish to receive our feedback, kindly send us a personal mail to [email protected] with the date and amount of payment, so that we can get back to you and inform you what your donation will be used for.

If you are no table to assist us in any of the manners indicated above, please pray for our children, the missionaries and the volunteers in Tanzania.


Payment Slip

"Prayer begets faith, faith begets love, and love begets service on behalf of the poor."

Mother Teresa