Thanks to all of you our children have sponsors. When they start school in Magogo (as soon as the building of all auxiliary facilities is completed), we will need new sponsors, and information to that effect will be available on our web page.

The "BECOME A GODFATHER/GODMOTHER (SPONSORSHIP)" Project is aimed at providing support to children from families with multiple children and poor families, exactly the type of families you encounter in Africa. We send those children to school. The tuition for one school year is EUR 120 for elementary school, EUR 300 for secondary school, and EUR 1,000 for a seminary student. This is how much we have to pay for the tuition, to buy the school desks, chairs, uniforms, books, school supplies, and one school meal per day. Currently, the most pressing need is to provide education for secondary school students and seminary students. The school year in Tanzania starts in January, and ends in December. Tuition can be paid in two installments – for the first and second terms (the first installment in January, the second one in July). There is a possibility for a child to have two or more sponsors (“godfathers/godmothers”), and sponsorship payments are made in line with the number of the sponsors. If you wish to be a sponsor of a child in Africa, please follow the instructions below:

bullet   Confirm your intention by sending an e-mail to: [email protected] upon which you will   promptly receive information about the child (photos, personal data)
bullet   Following the receipt of the confirmation and details, kindly effect payment of the amount   specified as follows:
       Charity NGO „Gledati srcem“
      Beethovenova 1, Zagreb
      RBA GYRO ACCOUNT 2484008-1105624892
      IBAN for payments from abroad 5324840081105624892
      Payment description: Sponsorship
      Payment reference number (Poziv na broj odobrenja za uplatu): 2011   
bullet   Sponsorship is paid every year until the child completes education
bullet   Should a person or family become unable to continue payment of the tuition for any reason   whatsoever, please send an e-mail to our charity NGO ([email protected]). In such   a case we will do our best to identify a new sponsor to enable the child to continue education.


"Prayer begets faith, faith begets love, and love begets service on behalf of the poor."

Mother Teresa