About Us


President of the Charity NGO:


  Maja Sansović

Secretary of the Charity NGO:


  Robert Orbanić

Deputy Secretary of the Charity NGO: Udruge:


  Anka Sansović

 Goals and objectives:

bullet   Promoting humanitarian assistance to socially vulnerable groups, especially families with   multiple children;
bullet   Assistance to sick children, children with developmental disabilities, children without   adequate parental care, foster children, as well as children and adult victims of domestic   violence;
bullet   Promoting humane values;
bullet   Fostering personal development;
bullet   Advocating a healthy life style, environmental awareness, and sustainable development.



bullet   Implementing educational, amusement, and professional projects, workshops, activities, and   forums aimed at direct provision of assistance;
bullet   Collecting and delivering humanitarian aid to socially vulnerable groups, with the approval of   the competent ministry;
bullet   Organization and implementation of projects, events, forums, and workshops in order to raise   public awareness for active inclusion in work on helping those in need;
bullet   Organization and delivering of seminars and courses that promote a healthy life style, raise   environmental awareness, and advocate sustainable development;
bullet   Publishing books, magazines, and other publications from the area of our activity, in   accordance with special regulations;
bullet   Cooperation with related organizations in Croatia, and developing international cooperation   programs.
Left to right: Maja Sansović (President of the Charity NGO), don Dražan Klapež (missionary from Tanzania), Željka Ćurin (godmother of the Charity NGO), Anka Sansović (Deputy Secretary of the Charity NGO), Robert Orbanić (Secretary of the Charity NGO).
Members of the Charity NGO "Gledati srcem".

"Prayer begets faith, faith begets love, and love begets service on behalf of the poor"

Mother Teresa