Fundraiser "Pula for Tanzania"

Fundraiser held on December 5, 2012 in Pula, "Pula for Tanzania" organized by NGO "Naš San Njihov Osmijeh"

The Hymn of the Charity NGO "Gledati srcem"

The youth of the Parish of St. Leopold Mandić in Požega performing the song "Look through Your Heart", for which they also provided lyrics, composed by Martina Masjar.

Terezianum 2012

Charity concert "Terezianum 2012" held on September 30, 2012. Youtube presentation here

Building of Auxiliary Facilities

Building of sanitary facilities, the kitchen and the teachers’ house in Magogo

Tanzanija 2012

A visit to Tanzania in 2012

Let’s Dance for Africa

A concert and fundraiser event "Let’s Dance for Africa" organized by Celtic Fantasy and Češka beseda Zagreb.
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